How I learned Qi Gong

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I remember the last summer I spent with my dad. I told him I wanted to learn qi gong. The next morning and every morning after that, he dragged me up at 5:45am, took me to the park,screamed at me, and beat me with a wooden stick until i got it right.

The one thing I learned from my pops is there is no way around hard work. There are no Chinese secrets or mysterious super powers. If you put your mind to something and just focus you can do anything. The only limitations are the limitations you put on yourself. True story.

  • Bob Wong was raised in a traditional Chinese medicine family and moved to mainland China to study and train in Chinese medicine for almost a decade. During that time, he was able to learn from some of  the top acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners in China at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. His mission is to bring that knowledge and experience to benefit his patients.
  • Bob Wong currently maintains an acupuncture practice in the Brisbane CBD area. You can read his full bio or schedule an appointment.

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