Formulas 方剂


Before my father passed away, he always had big hopes and dreams for me. One of which was become fluent in Chinese, and the other was to marry a chinese girl. I didn’t do the later one, but I did become fluent in Chinese and was able to read his old notes and formulas.

One night before bed, he came to my room and plopped down a Chinese formulas book on my table, and said “memorize this and you’ll be alright.” When an Asian dad says “alright” that means you’ll become a rock star!

The most you’ll ever get out of an Asian dad is ” you did ok.” You can graduate from Harvard and even win the Olympics, come home with 7 gold medals and you’ll still be “ok” but its alright Asian dads all love us the same. They just express it differently.

Although I managed to grind through most of the book I’m so grateful we have apps and the mobile devices nowadays. It was so dry and painfully grueling having to memorize those poems and formulas they made my eyeballs want to bleed and my head want to explode.

How did everyone else learn their formulas?

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